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Find strength.
Find happiness.

Affordable counselling for men, women and couples.

✓ Conquer Anxiety
✓ Heal Relationships
✓ Increase Confidence

You want to feel like you can handle anything

Instead, every day feels like an uphill battle.

● If everyday situations cause stress and anxiousness
● If you wake already tired and often feel sad
● If relationships bring hurt, confusion or anger
● If you feel stuck and maybe don’t even know why

Here’s hopeful news:

Dark Moments
Don’t Have To Define
Your Days

Change is possible. Lasting change.

Counselling can help you heal old pain and anchor yourself with new positivity and possibility.

With warm, compassionate guidance and practical tools, you’ll be able to confidently communicate

your wants and needs.
Feel happy in your own skin and
like you can tackle anything.

It’s everything you deserve.

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Hello, I’m Karina.

Trained counsellor, author, speaker and trauma survivor.

I want you to know that if you have been experiencing dark moments it’s completely possible for you to live without the self-doubt, critical voices and anxious feelings.

My own therapy was transformational, and when I came out the other side I was empowered. Finally, I felt free to live my life how I wanted to. It’s why I started Hukam Healing. Because I very passionately want the same for you.

Hukam was a phrase my grandfather used and translates to “When He wills.” Today, I take that to mean that when you are ready to heal I'll be here to help. If now feels the the right moment for you, please book a call and say hello.

Find out today if we’re a good fit, and let’s start putting together a plan for your more positive, confident life.

Compassionate. Relatable. Healing
See what’s possible for you.


Couples Counselling

Get past constant bickering, trust issues or distance and create more warmth and happiness. Suitable for all couples at any stage of your relationship.

Loving Her, for Women

What’s holding you back?

Help for depression, low self-esteem, trauma and relationships, so that you can heal, move on and make better, healthier choices.

Mental Muscle, for Men

Newsflash! Guys don’t have life all figured out. When you flex your mental muscle, you increase motivation and understand how to clear obstacles in your path. Find inner happiness and outer success.

Need a quick help for a pressing issue?
Ask me about bite-sized coaching via email.

It’s easy to get started...

Image by Julian Hochgesang

1. Schedule a call

To get good work accomplished it’s important we both feel that we are a good fit. We’ll talk about what you want to achieve and how I might help.

Image by Brett Jordan

2. Make a plan

If we both like what we hear, you can choose a package or number of sessions, and we’ll schedule our time in person or on Zoom.

Image by charlesdeluvio

3. Take action

From day one we’ll work on your most pressing issues, with strategies and practices you can use in your daily life to find strength and happiness.

Affordable counselling
(that won’t take years)

I believe everyone should have access to counselling, which is why I price competitively. Each session we share is tailored for you specifically. You’ll use a holistic approach that combines eastern and western practices to break you free of blocks and quickly gets you on a path to a life you love and enjoy.

  • Break free from pain and depression and rediscover your joy.

  • Stop anger, sadness, and hopelessness ruining your days.

  • Decode why relationships cause you pain and the steps you can take to enjoy healthy, fulfilling times with people in your life.

  • Discover why you feel isolated or unheard and how to voice what you need, with confidence.

  •  Uncover negative thoughts or behavior patterns. Change them so that you stop beating yourself up, and instead feel motivated and empowered.


“We had a lot of “aha” moments. She gave me adjustments to my way of thinking so I wasn’t so stressed.Now when I see a problem,I can take a step back.”



“Karina felt comfortable, concerned, caring, and so willing to help. It wasn’t just a business proposition for her. I instantly recommended her to my best friend after our first session.”


"Karina listened without any interruptions and judgement. She was absolutely understanding and provided simple to follow tools. I can't put into words how good she is."


In a stress spiral? Get my 5 favourite calm-mind practices.

Thank you. Check your Email.

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