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A Girl's Faith 

A powerful story about a young girl’s abuse and a fierce woman’s survival.

An Amazon Best-Seller
A personal quest for growth and victory

Through captivating short stories, Karina shares in snippets the pain and confusion she experienced as a child, and her triumphant rise beyond. These are stories of pain, wisdom, forgiveness and empowerment that bring voice to a subject that is still hushed and taboo.



A Girl’s Faith offers inspiration and hope for anyone impacted by trauma and struggles.

What is this thing that happened to me?

It happens a great deal in India, to women across the country. You can read about it in the newspaper or see reports about it on the news. It is an everyday occurrence.


According to The Times of India, it actually happens every 30 minutes.


Imagine that. Every 30 minutes, a woman is raped.


It began for me in my home, when I was five years old, and it continued into my 20’s.


In these short stories, you will see the obstacles I faced because of deep insecurities that grew out of my years of abuse. You will discover a snapshot of what life was like for an Indian girl living in Hong Kong and how I triumphed while being dealt some of the toughest cards possible. You will see how I kept moving, with a hope and faith that things would get better.


I wrote this book to delve back into the emotions and experiences, to cleanse, to heal and share hope with anyone who has experienced abuse.


You don’t have to be defined by your past. I am proof. I have lived and breathed the escape.


I hope the stories I share in A Girl’s Faith transports you and inspires you too. Because creating a life you desire is possible, no matter what happened before.

A testament to the resilience of the human spirit

“Her willingness to open the door and shed light into the most private, painful experiences of her life offers a voice of hope to the millions of women across the globe who can identify with her words.” Shakti Sutriasa - LCSW, MA - Founder, Decide Differently

“Karina Calver holds nothing back in her memoir, A Girl’s Faith. Her riveting story brings inspiration and hope to those impacted by sexual assault, and it will be used as a teaching tool to educate future generations about one of most pressing issues of our time.” – AJ Garcia, Director, ARM Sanctuary, and Creator / Host of The Woke Stutters Podcast.

“Karina's story is one that needs to be told, especially in the wake of #MeToo. That an ordinary, middle class girl from an educated family can suffer for years without anyone noticing is a testament to the widespread nature of sexual abuse against women across the world. A Girl's Faith will change you and will make you wonder: who else? A must read.” Sonalie Figueiras, Co-Founder, Green Queen.

“The secret to feeling alive again is within these pages,”

— Jennie Lynn, Author, Magnetic Love.

“Karina’s journey reminds us that we can overcome any past trauma with courage and with the right guidance.”

— Michelle Tanmizi, Behavioral Coach and Trainer.

"An inspiring true story of love, hope, and victory – and of one woman who was determined to make a difference in the wake of a crime…If you want to know what courage looks like then please meet Karina Calver."

— Judy O'Beirn , International Best-selling Author, Unwavering Strength Series.

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