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Make every day better

I share simple, achievable steps that make a big difference to your well-being.

- One-to-one counselling sessions
- 24/7 text access with packages
- Attend a talk or workshop

What kind of support would help most?

Good Together
Couples Coaching

Learn about each-other in a richer, deeper
way. Explore together the best ways for
you as a couple to resolve conflict,
communicate your needs and align your
expectations. These sessions are suited to
couples of all kinds, including pre-marital
and long-term partnerships.

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Find Your Happy Place
Self-Development Counselling

Are you your biggest critic? Do you feel anxious or judged or stuck in difficult relationships? Discover how old patterns and wounds hold you back and the steps you can take to overcome them and create a life you love.

Mental Muscle
Personal Coaching For Men

Pressure and stress messing with your
mind? You don’t have to suffer in silence. I
can show you how to fight back. Create
powerful new habits so you no longer
stand in your own way. Expect more
positivity and satisfaction in your life and


Dear Karina, I'm struggling with anxiety with this new guy I'm dating. I know he likes me

Bite-Sized Coaching

Just need a helpful strategy or two to help you move forward? Try my bite-sized counselling. Send me your question and receive answers via email in 24-48 hours

● The fastest and most convenient way to get help
● No packages, no high cost, no appointments
● A great first way to get started with therapy

Ready to get started with counselling?

Becoming unstuck is as simple as choosing a session and booking a call.

Step One: Choose Your Pathway
I offer counselling packages for
women, men and couples. Browse the options and choose whichever package suits you best.

Step Two: Connect & Plan
We’ll chat for 15-minutes about your needs, goals and what we can do to get you there. If we decide to move on, we’ll set a start date.

Step Three: Your Journey Begins
We’ll meet for a weekly call, and you have 24/7 message access in between. Expect weekly tasks from me that turn your thoughts into new,

powerful habits.

Signature Talks & Workshops

Loving Her Workshop

Mental Motivator for Men

Half or Full-Day

Half or Full-Day

Understand the importance of self-love
and how it affects your ability to give and
serve others. This workshop includes a
Q&A panel and connecting group
discussion. You’ll leave with practical ideas
and tools you can use every day to honor
yourself, reflect and slow down.

Frustration and rage are often signs of
suppressed feelings. These workshops
give you a chance to explore negative
patterns and thoughts and let them go.
When you can express yourself clearly
you’ll experience greater self-confidence
and motivation that impacts your life and


Signature Talks & Workshops

Hire me to facilitate a full or half-day workshops for your workplace or group.

As a fully-accredited counsellor, I help participants recognise their difficulties and provide solutions that help.

Workshops can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Popular topics include:

  • Building resilience 

  • Resolving conflict and communication issues

  • Creating a trauma-responsive workplace or team 

  • Anxiety and depression 

  • Boosting positivity and productivity for energy and engagement

  • Diversity equity and inclusion training 

In a stress spiral? Get my 5 favourite calm-mind practices.

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