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Ever wish you were living someone else’s life?

so did I...

On my worst days I couldn’t get past the storm clouds in my head

Everyday I battled negative voices, anxiety, and beating myself up about things I said or did. Just thinking about the day ahead made my heart flutter in my chest like a trapped bird. That’s how I felt. Trapped by a life that felt too hard to bare.

I never really understood why until I started counselling.

I had no idea I was carrying so much baggage

Turns out those painful symptoms were the result of unresolved childhood trauma. They were the shadows of a terrible experience I’d hidden while I just tried to get on with life. Now I know. Trauma doesn’t just disappear if you ignore it. It leaks into other areas. It wrecks the relationship you have with yourself and with others.

Counselling helped me turn things around.

You can break free

I’ll tell you a secret. I went to university 10 years after most other people. I was 28. I didn’t set foot in a gym until I was 32. I didn’t appreciate myself, and I didn’t feel loved. Now? I’m liberated! I have three degrees, with a Masters in Counselling. I’m a Ted Talk speaker, with an Amazon best-selling book. Finally, I really feel like I am getting the most out of my life. It doesn’t matter what has held you back, you can take charge. My life experiences stopped me living the life I wanted for 28 years. But then, I broke free.

So can you!

I’ve been featured in…


If you struggle with insecurities, worries and doubts,

I’m here for you.

As your counsellor, I’ll help you detect negative feelings, sit with them and then flip them. I’ll show you how to confront your fears, and find strength and confidence. I’ll guide you to connect to your own inner wisdom, and a develop good, clear boundaries. Discover how to communicate your needs and achieve your goals. It’s my mission to empower you to live well. To live happy, and to feel confident and capable.

Relationship guidance

Counselling for men

Single sessions or packages

Included in your counselling sessions…

● Weekly call with me.

● A safe, confidential space to work through your feelings.

● Weekly tasks or actions to take that are specific to you.

● 24/7 access to ask questions via Whatsapp throughout our time working together.

What does it take to feel better?

I’ll tell you what it shouldn’t take. Too much time and expense. I honestly believe that living the life you want is possible - when you have the right tools.


So why do you hear about therapy taking years?


I’ll tell you. The biggest difference between those break free fast and those who don’t is action. When you apply what you learn in counselling to your real life, you’ll find that your negative patterns and behaviours disappear quickly. You’ll be amazed at how confident and able you’ll feel.

What? No hefty price tag?

I wholeheartedly believe that counselling should be available for everyone.


And, while I’m not in a position to offer free services just yet (this vegan girl’s still got to buy her veggies), I do try to keep my sessions affordable.


That’s why you’ll find my sessions cheaper than other options you may have considered. It’s also why I offer my call-and-response service by email.

Counselling gave me back my voice

I found new confidence and self-worth. Now it’s my mission to share the tools behind this transformation.


You can have the relationships, home life and career you dream about


I’ll show you how.


Registered Member

Certified in Personal Empowerment & Self-Leadership, Meta-Coach Training System (NLP)

Masters in Counselling

Introducing my book

A Girl’s Faith

A personal story of a young girl's abuse and a fierce woman's survival. A Girl’s Faith tells how I overcame abuse by an adult who deeply misused his power. In these pages, you’ll see how I was able to challenge the solitude that shrouded me, break through the trauma, and find my strength.


“A Girl’s Faith will change you and will make you wonder “Who else? A must-read.” Sonalie Figueiras, Founder of Green Queen.


Learn more


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