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Raw, rebellious, and refreshingly real.

On “To Brown” with Karina Calver, I explore what it is to be brown in this world today. From rituals to religion, from our food, to our customs, our curves, and our men, I unearth stigmas that get swept under the rug and I celebrate our difference.

Join me for real-time reflection on what it takes to thrive when you are born brown.

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What people say about To Brown

"Karina’s podcast, To Brown, have so many takeaways, I got so many a-ha moments in each of them.  She covers everything from how to work on relationships despite disagreements to tips on setting up your profile on a dating app.  I was one of the lucky ones who attended Karina’s TedEx Live and her talk was so inspiring, teaching us how we can love and appreciate ourselves no matter what we have gone through and that it’s a sure pass to your personal success." 


- Anita Patel

"To brown is one podcast I'd really recommend everyone to listen. Karina is putting such great efforts in highlighting some really important issues which majority of us face in dating, love and relationships. She has a really deep knowledge and emotional angle to observe these topics which can be seen very well throughout her podcasts. She understands the psychology of how people act when it comes to dating, and addresses all the problems very well. It helps you to understand some core areas where u can focus to establish a healthy relationship with your partner. For me this podcast is 10/10.

- Siddharth. 

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