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The Importance of Courtship and Why Men Need to Woo a Woman They Fancy

Courting is the exciting part of the early stage of dating. It is when the guy is interested and makes the effort in pursuing a woman he likes. His gestures show her that he wants to get to know her. Nothing speaks louder than actions. Some may however feel that wooing is rather outdated and that we are equal so why should a man woo a woman? I’ll highlight 3 reasons why men need to woo a woman they fancy and how doing so it creates an energetic balance.

1. Men are by default hunters.

Men like to go after what they want. It may seem like a challenge to them on a superficial level. But when they are putting effort into earning something, there is a likelihood that they will value it so much more.

2. It makes men feel manly.

It allows men to be in their masculine (alpha) state by showing a woman he wants her. When a man is exhibiting their innate manly quality it gives her the space to be in her feminine element. Most men are attracted to a feminine girl and most women are drawn to the masculine type of men. Hence a man wooing a woman brings that out even more.

3. Men feel valued.

When men are in charge or feel in charge in the relationship or even during the courtship period, it makes them feel valued. Their sense of self is reinforced. Men are wired to take care of their tribe. So when a woman feels that she can do it all on her own and doesn’t need a man, he feels emasculated. So little things like letting him drive the both of you when you’re out or letting him drop you home after a date or letting him ask you out on the 2nd or 3rd date are things men who are in touch with their masculine side will want to do for the woman they fancy.

If you’re a woman who is dating a man, let him be the driver in the pursuit of the relationship or courtship. If a man is not putting in the effort, then he might not be someone you would want to get to know. If you allow a man to put in minimum effort, the chances are, he won’t put much later on. How he initiates early on shows whether he is comfortable being in the driver’s seat.

If you’re a feminine woman, despite being a lady-boss, and you know how to kick back and be in your graceful, elegant space, you’d be drawn to a man who is confident and in charge. It is that perfect energy balance (yin and yang) that creates attraction and so much more.

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