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Have a Problematic Relationship with Your Partner? Follow These Steps to Improve.

In relationships, it is common to have arguments among couples. However, when these arguments go unaddressed and left to linger, it can dampen the relationship further. This can cause a major gap in the connection between the two. There are ways to ensure that couples don’t end up drifting off from one another. Here are 3 pointers to improve your relationship so you don’t get stuck in a repeated pattern.

Mean what you say

At times we feel the need to be ‘nice’ and by doing so we may not be honest, which in turn can affect the relationship if this persists. Here’s a scenario: you think your partner doesn’t look as good in a certain outfit and they ask you for your feedback but you fake it because you fear hurting them. This while may seem like a justifiable white lie also says that you rather be liked than to be honest with them. Choose honesty and say it in a way that can be least hurtful. Your words need to hold truth and that your partner can rely on your words as bible.

Make each other a priority

Being busy has become a norm nowadays. Work can consume us that we forget to take time out for our partners. Thinking we will see them at home after a long day isn’t quite making each other a priority. When you are exhausted from a long hard day, you’re less likely to be fun to hang out with and that is understandable. However, this is when scheduling to be with each other should be a priority. Plan something ahead of time for the both of you. This way you both are consciously dedicating undivided attention to one another. It is also a great way to connect and be romantic.

Appreciate each other

When a relationship gets comfortable, we forget to compliment our partners. We notice how good they look or that they mean a lot to us but we somehow assume they know this because that is why you’re with them. Unspoken compliments aren’t compliments. For example: telling your partner you appreciate them for remembering to buy your favorite yoghurt or for taking a day off for you are things they need to hear. It actually fosters the relationship even more. When couples take each other for granted, thinking, “Well, I’m with them so naturally they should do this for me,” is a call for disaster. Don’t go in with that mindset. Thank them when they’ve done something kind or caring for you. It goes a long way!

A problematic relationship can be saved when both parties invest in building the relationship. Like with anything, a relationship too needs to be watered. A lack of watering can destroy this beautiful flower to blossom. Water it regularly and it’ll be a healthy stable and loving one.

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