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Three Sexy Things to Add to Your Marriage if it is Dull

The flip side to a marriage is that it can become dull as you spend your every day together. Here are 3 things to add to your “sexy list” to get your partner desiring you all over again!

1. Sensual photos: As a woman, we should maximize on our assets! Throw your curvy body in one of his buttoned-down shirts but have a few too many undone! Caption it in a seductive but classy way. Here’s something you can say: “This shirt of yours feels so good on me. I can’t seem to button it properly. Wanna help me? ;)”

2. Bubble bath: Bathing is relaxing and at the same time can be arousing. Run her a bath and undress her. As she soaks herself in the bubbles, you can put the toilet seat down and enjoy a glass of pinot noir. Start by complimenting her body. If you’re feeling up to it, lean over and nibble on her ear. Your partner will get the hint and enjoy the sensual tease.

3. Massage: Giving your spouse a massage is one great way to turn the heat on. Use a few drops of lavender or ylang ylang in your carrier oil (almond or jojoba). This is a perfect start to get your partner in the mood. Massage their erogenous zones so the passion is right up there.

Turning the heat on requires doing things differently. It’s about slowing down and putting the effort so the passion in the room is orgasmic.

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